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Tax Consultancy

Complicated and often changing tax laws require a professional. We offer a full range of  tax consulting services-from the comprehensive representation of the client before the Tax Authorities / on a basis  of the power of attorney / to the agreed individual actions. We specialise  in value added tax, income tax, international taxation and customer representation in tax investigation and settlement of tax disputes.

A part of the Tax guidance is also consulting  and preparing the  transfer pricing documentation.


According to the Slovak Act on statutory audit, we provide the assurance services to verify the individual or consolidated  financial statements and the compliance of the annual report with the financial statements. Other assurance services according to ISA (International Standards on Auditing) are also part of the audit work. We provide audit services for business entities, for entities that are not business-based and for public administrations entities  (municipalities, cities).

As an auditor, I also provide registration services for public sector partners.


Our services also include bookkeeping, current accounting and payroll accounting for our clients.

My Story

An examination of professional competence and obtaining a certificate to carry out tax consulting on the 30th of November 1993 was a moment that fundamentally changed my professional life. The former manager of the company  has gradually become a tax expert. Tax consultancy has become my main business activity.

Although at the beginning it was mainly accounting. Tax Consultancy as a profession was established in Slovakia in 1992 by the adoption of the Act  on Tax Advisors and the Slovak Chamber of Tax Advisors / SKDP /. There was no consulting tradition and the public, the entrepreneurs, the clients did not know what their tax advisor would provide. That is the reason why my first contracts were for bookkeeping and accounting work.But gradually increased the ammount of the tax consulting and tax advising.

The number of clients for tax consultancy has grown as well as my expertise and skills. In 1997, I was entered in the list of Experts witness led by the Ministry of Justice of the Slovak Republic in the sectors Accountancy and Taxes and in the sector Finance. I was an Expert witness  by the end of the year 2009.

In 1998  I became a member of the Board of the  Slovak Chamber of Tax advisors and the head of the Regional office of SKDP in Košice. These positions in the Slovak Chamber of Tax Advisors I have been  carried out by the year 2014.

In 2004 I earned  a certificate  from the Slovak Chamber of Aditors and became a certificate statutory auditor. This certificate has completed the range of services that I can provide to my clients.

With the team of my colleagues we are now able to provide clients with bookkeeping, payroll accounting, economic and tax consultancy and assurance  services.

At the end of my story I will return to the past. Private business was prohibited in Socialism where I grew up. But there were exceptions such as the interpretation and translation. That’s why I graduated in German at a language school and worked as an translator. Later I learned English. The language skills helped  me to  get foreign clients and I worked for companies from Germany, Austria, Holland, Belgium, England, Ireland, Poland, Russia and Italy.

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“No man is in any way moral or otherwise obliged to have his or her relationships to a business or property arranged to pay the highest possible taxes.”

“The legal right of all taxpayers  to reduce  taxes or avoid them may not be contested.”

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Ing.Ľudovít Petráš

Moyzesova 38, Košice

Ing. Ľudovít Petráš

Moyzesova 38, Košice


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